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Meeting El Gato

Adrian Gato Rodriguez

When Mexico participated in the 2013 Reef ISA World Surfing Games in Panama, three of their six national surfing team-riders hailed from Sayulita, Mexico.

It’s no secret that this sleepy surfing village tucked away in the state of Nayarit breeds some of the country’s most promising talent. Among them is Adrian “Gato” Rodriguez who not only symbolizes the pride of Mexico surfing but also as a local hero to the village of Sayulita.

If you have a goal for something in your life, always follow your goal. Tomorrow, you never know.

Adrian Rodriguez

Like many growing up in the country, Adrian was tasked to fend for himself and support his family at a very young age. Capturing the attention of surf scouts with his progressive and fearless surfing, he earned a position on the Vans Mexico surf team and represented his country in ISA events. In an effort to give back to his community and spread the stoke of surfing, he founded the Costeño Surf School in Sayulita.

This is his story.

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